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Hi there! Welcome to my website.

My name is Orla Breslin, though I’m Stitchlily to a lot of folk online. I create a diverse mix of creative media for SME’s, businesses, and organizations, schools, groups and more. Using an eclectic range of digital and analogue tools and techniques, bringing your stories to visual life. A one-stop-shop for all your needs from branding to strategy, mind mapping to social media.

I am based in Kerry, Ireland, but I  LOVE remote!

Want to chat about an idea or project? Drop me an email: orla@triflakestudios.com

self portrait in the style of picasso
self-portrait made with picassohead

Ah yes, the background bit!

I’ve always had a love of art, and making. After studying Fibre Art, I worked in textiles, mostly tapestry weaving and knitwear, I worked freelance in art, craft, as a maker, an educator and community facilitator. I then began blogging and digitally designing, eventually moving to working in design and management of blogs, websites, and social platforms. Realizing the potential of technology as a community tool, I took a break to study for an MA in Digital Culture. My research focused on facilitating community development, open source tech and digital literacy. How we use our tech, not just why!

I continued my work as a freelance creative specialist both in art and in digital media. To me, these worlds, art & tech, were far from colliding, but merging, like a self-Vucan mindmeld, helping me become the maker I am today. My passions include designing, learning, culture and sustainability, and the more I can mix this bag of licorice allsorts, the better.

I can also waffle, apologies. If you want to read more of my waffle, head over to my waffle blog, where I talk about things digital culture www.fitefuaite.com or find me in the usual social media places, links below.