Visual Facilitation

graphic for visual facilitation workshop, showing hands drawing with text

Visual Facilitation Masterclass in CIT Cork

Visual tools are helpful because they can illustrate complexity so that everyone can understand- we can literally put ourselves into the bigger picture, in a way that is impossible with words alone.

I love upskilling, learning about new tools and techniques. I especially love the trend towards design thinking and lean methodologies, where being able to doodle, is now becoming a sought after skill!

I came across Visual Facilitation both through work and community development practice, and have loved it from the start. To me its like extreme doodling, mind-mapping and storytelling, all blended together to make one hell of a visual smoothie.

graphic about the visual facilitation workshop
doodle after attending visual facilitation workshop

When I saw that Cork Institute of Technology were going to host a Masterclass in Visual Facilitation, I had to attend!

Participants can expect to experience a deep-dive into the use of visuals in facilitation–creativity—change-masterclass–visual-facilitation/

We were introduced to a variety of basic, useful and re-usable visual tools such as stakeholder mapping, x-y axis, mind maps, and information visualization tools, as well as more complex topics such as using visual metaphors.

It was an excellent workshop, which I highly recommend, if you have any interest in visual facilitation, graphic harvesting, or any kind of visual element you want to add into your work

The workshop is taught by Eimear McNally, a freelance graphic recorder and facilitator.