Virtual Heritage Network Conference – Facilitating community participation with digital technology

graphics showing an ogham stone and a map with text 'Ogham in 3D

VHN Ireland aims to bring together people who work for the support, improvement and promotion of virtual heritage in Ireland and beyond across the academic, business, education, cultural heritage, policy, and tourism sectors. It welcomes people from a diverse range of backgrounds including archaeology, cultural studies, social sciences, arts, humanities, conservation, education, engineering, computer science, business, and industry.

I was involved in a project Ogham in 3D, as part of my Masters in Digital Culture with UCC (you can read all about my Masters Research on my blog here). Following on from that I was invited by DIAS, to give a presentation on 3d community mapping from a ‘laypersons’ perspective. I was pretty much the only person in the room without a PhD in history or archaeology!

I talked about community mapping, and the tools and technology that can create a great experience for both the researchers, and the community involved, but only if it is done in accordance with the needs of the community. From their perspective, and not the researchers!

photo from a conference with people sitting and listening

(ps this isn’t me! I didn’t manage to get a photo of myself presenting)

screen shot from the Corca Dhuibhne 3d website

I talked about the Ogham in 3D project, which has now evolved into Corca Dhuibhne 3D. How the community got involved, and ways to include the community, especially kids, to build up an interest in history and heritage. Exploring archaeology through Lego and Mindcraft.

slide from my presentation, pictures of ogham stones in the background, with little lego figurines