Mindmapping a social media campaign at Activism Camp

mindmap of a campaign with guides
starting a mindmap campaign

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I ran a little workshop at a great weekend camp that took place in a hostel in the Wicklow Hills, run by a social action group called Claiming Our Future.

I was asked to run a workshop on how to mindmap a social media strategy to suit a campaign. In the workshop I explored a range of social media platforms and how to create engaging digital content to share, connect, and grow an audience.

It was a jam packed 3 hour workshop, where we took a case study and mapped out a campaign, trying to follow the mind map below. Most of the people in the group had never done mind maps before, so it was a very interesting afternoon and discussion. There is only so much you can do in 3 hours with 12 people, but it was a great introduction for the participants.

Making social networking understandable and actionable using open source software.