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photo of a collection of vintage tools
photo for Heritage Week poster

Heritage Week!

Another year, another Heritage Week! Last year for Heritage Week, I organised a little lace exhibition, in an Díseart, in Dingle town. During this event, I had great chats with random strangers, talking about lace, heritage, and surprisingly tools. I had a collection of needlework tools on display, ones I had inherited, or gathered through vintage markets. There ended up being quite a lot of interest, and stories about tools.

So for Heritage Week 2019, I decided to host an event, that was based around tools. I organised the event with Museum Chorca Dhuibhne, a lovely little museum in Ballyferriter.

As well as displaying my own little collection of tools, I invited people to come and talk about their favourite tools, it could be for crafts, housework, farming, or any thing else. (I just actually wanted to show off my own collection of vintage tools, which include calligraphy pens, vintage compasses, basketry knives, crochet hooks, and find other people to chat tools with!)

Ballyferriter village, is in the heart of the West Kerry Gaeltacht, so it was important to make sure I had made versions of the poster in English and Irish.

We got a great turn out, lots of chats, and even a demonstration of traditional tallow candle making!