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wild design logo

Wild Design Signage

Happy with the brochures I had designed, the Wild Design Collective now wanted some signage for their shops in Cork, and Kerry. I keeping with the style guidelines I had created for the brochure, I designed and created these two hand lettered sandwich boards for outside the two shops. They were created with chalkboard pens, normally used by restaurants and pubs to write up menus.

2 sandwich boards stylized fonts

After just a short period in situ outside the shops, I got great feedback from Wild Design. They said, not only had they noticed a larger footfall into the shops since the signs went out, but people were stopping to take photos and share them on social media, so their online presence was expanding as well. Hand lettered signs are really taking off in other countries, I suppose our weather isn’t really conducive to signs like this, but with the development of these great chalkboard pens, its making temporary signs more possible.

To match the signs, I created a series of small A6 signs for inside the shop. The first few were hand lettered, but as these were a bit laborious to repeat for the two shops, I designed them in print format too, so Wild Design could print them out when necessary.

small sign with text saying Irish artists in stylized font