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illustration of a remote ready town

A Remote Ready Town

There is a lot of conversation at the moment about the potential of remote working in Ireland, as a way to revitalize rural communities. There was some talk before, but with Covid19 pandemic, decimating our tourism industry, the conversation has definitely become louder, more boisterous, and is very neccessary.

Grow Remote is an Irish initiative to promote remote working in Ireland, and they are promoting this dialogue with people, communities, companies and government, about how we can grow this potential for people, especially, those of us in rural Ireland.

They surveyed the community to understand what a ‘Remote Ready Town’ would look like, and with the research, I harvested and created this little map of what a ‘remote ready town’ would look like.

Going through the conversation and replies, I looked at what was essential, and what was nice to have. The key here is broadband. There are still places in Ireland with poor internet service, and that is the key factor, in holding communities back. Everything else, is possible. In fairness, people really don’t want much. A simple life with no commute.

I created a few versions of the graphic, for sharing on social media (damn you Instagram for being square!). So far we have gotten a great reaction from rural communities across Ireland, and am happy if anyone wants to use to help promote their community. I’ve attached versions below for you to use online, or in print.

bright graphic showing a small town with features, and a list of essential services such as a market, library, school, etc.
illustration of a remote-ready town
graphic listing the needs and wants of remote workers