Webdesign, graphics and ghost blogging for artist Marie Brett

screenshot of a website design for marie brett

E.gress is a filmic artwork.

I had the pleasure of working with Marie Brett before, when I used to do craft workshops with her company Greencrafts, at music festivals around Ireland.

When she began her amazing project ‘Egress’ she asked would I design a blog style website, to document this travelling exhibition. You can see the website here: http://mariebrett-egress-tour.com/

“It was produced by artist Marie Brett working with musician Kevin O’Shanahan, following an intensive collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. The work was informed by ideas of how ambiguous loss theory relates to an experience of dementia.”

A powerful affecting film

It was an amazing project to work on. I started the initial website for her, and designed and developed the still graphics for the website, and when she was too buys on the road, ghost blogged for her.

Had we known the project would become so big, we may have chosen a less busy landing page theme for the website, but it started so small, and then just grew week by week, until it was too late to change it. It was a great way of documenting the whole process and progress of the exhibition, and a big learning curve of designing on the fly.