Graphic design, graphic harvesting, lettering

hand drawn graphic saying smart working
detail from grow remote conference graphic

Graphic harvesting from Ireland’s first Grow Remote Conference

I attended Ireland’s first Grow Remote Conference, which took place in Tralee, Co. Kerry. It was great to have an event of this caliber, right on my doorstep.

As an artist and freelancer, the idea of working remote, is second nature, I am used to working alone on projects. I didn’t realise there was such a huge world of opportunity developing in the concept of ‘remote working’, and how an increasing number of established businesses were accepting this as a great way to work. I have to say I got very excited at the possibilities being discussed at this unique conference.

photo taken at the grow remote conference. people sitting and listening to people on stage talking
photo from the Grow Remote conference

Following on from the masterclass in Visual Facilitation I had done, I had been doing some research on graphic harvesting, and decided to use this opportunity to create a visual graphic based on the Grow Remote conference. Using all the notes I had taken at the conference, I created this graphic. I had to invent some icons, as I couldn’t find icons to express some of the ideas.

Grow Remote now use this graphic to explain the concept of remote working.

hand drawn graphic, harvesting the information from the grow remote conference