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small sketch of clock parts - pen and paper
sketch of clock parts – pen and paper

A personal project, I’ve been drifting in and out of over the past few years, is drawings of clock parts. I bought a big box of clock parts at an auction for just a few quid, with the intention of making some Steampunk style jewelry.

When I was rooting through the box of clock parts, I gradually feel in love with the individual pieces themselves, and decided to draw them. My initial drawings, were just studies, but then they just developed into pictures in their own right. It made me think a lot about time. The time it takes to make something. The lack of time you feel when you are creating. The question people always ask “How long did it take to make?” How to value your time, price your time. Something makers and designers always find hard.

larger study of clock parts
larger study of clock parts

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