Logo design based on DaVinci & geometry

logo design based on the golden ration
geometric logo design

I asked to create a concept logo design for a new ‘digital hub’ in Kerry. I wanted to create something very slick and modern, yet has a weight of history behind it (because well, its Kerry, its got the history!).

My original idea was based on the drawings of Leonardo DaVinci, who was an artist, inventor, creator, dreamer, but most of all he was future- facing. He combined all elements of STEAM: Science, Technology,  Engineering, Art and Mathematics. He symbolizes the human potential – the ultimate maker.

Using geometric form, and a Renaissance inspired colour scheme, I created a moodboard, to present to the client. Leonardo was an engineer at heart, and a lot of his designs are based around the Fibonacci Sequence, or Golden Ratio. (A geometric form I am quite fond of!)

idea for logo based on the Golden Ratio

After feedback from the client, they decided they wanted a bright deep blue, to reflect the maritime history of the area.

variations of the logo in different colours

Then, after much toing and froing, they decided not to go with this logo design, but went with something much more traditional. Such is the way of things, a pity, as I really like this shape. I might come back again someday and tweak it some more.