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sample of a lanyard design

Designing the Perfect Lanyard

Designing the lanyards for the eCommerce Summit, I stumbled upon the murky underground obsession, that is the perfect lanyard design. This was going to be a high profile event, with some great companies attending, so I felt, if I needed to get something perfect, it has to be the lanyard.

Designing Lanyards

“I’ve spoken at hundreds of conferences in the course of my career and the one thing that most of them have in common is crappy name badges.”

Brian Fitzpatrick, former Googler and regularly peeved conference presenter.

A huge part of any conference-going experience, regardless of whether its for research, academic or business, is meeting new contacts and reconnecting with old ones. But here’s the thing: most of us aren’t naturally gifted at networking. We forget people’s names, where they work, where they are from. We have trouble remembering a face outside of its usual context.

If you’ve ever tried to juggle a plate of food, a drink and the fast-fading memory of someone’s name, you’ll realise how important badges can be when it comes to conference networking. Having decent name badges to ease the awkwardness is a bit of an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many conferences get this wrong.

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After some research on the ‘Lanyard’ issue, I designed the lanyards for the eCommerce Summit. I designed 3 versions of landscape lanyards, in different colours, for speakers, attendees, and staff. I had them all ready to go (200!) with blank spares, ready to be printed off on the day, for surprise attendees.

But just before the event (literally 2 days), the plastic holders for the lanyards arrived, and guess what, they were portrait! The joys, I had to redesign the lanyard, as best I could.

sample lanyards in 3 different colours
Sample of lanyard design

I’ve compiled some of my research, with handy tips on designing a lanyard here, feel free to use.