Snail Yellow

Mini Moodboards

I love being outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not super sporty, I’m terrible at great ‘big’ events, hikes, runs, cycles, because they take me too long. For most of my sporty friends, I am frustratingly slow. The main reason is because I have to stop and marvel at creatures, colours, shapes, all provided by the greatest maker of them all, Nature.

We all hold conscious and unconscious biases. Its part of being human, we favour somethings, and dislike others. These decisions can be personal, or cultural, depending on the society we grow up in. I’ve found the older I get, and more I design, I have become more aware of the bias I have, conscious and unconscious, towards certain design elements. There are certain fonts I use all the time, some I never use, shapes I love and some I shy from, colour combinations I adore, and others I avoid like the plague.

This is why it is a good idea to build up a little personal library, of colour combinations, shapes, font styles. Pinterest is great, I store a lot of my ‘likes’ there, but its different to actually personalizing them. This way will make you remember them better. In art college, the final outcome of your projects, the final piece, only carries a certain amount of marks. The iterations and progression of your ideas, your designs, the visual notebooks you created along the way, all carried as much weight as your final piece.

photo of a geranium flower, pink leaves, with green foliage

I like creating these mini moodboards, with colours and fonts together. They are usually photos, such as flowers, insects, birds, as I have never seen Nature put colours together that didn’t just naturally look beautiful.

Why is this important? The hardest part of any job, is not the work itself, it is trying to please others, its dealing with customers, clients. When you create a design for them, eg a graphic, a website, you are not just creating an image to portray their business, you are dealing with their personal and social conscious and unconscious bias. When I talk to clients, I think its important to hear their story first. It’s why I added the quote to my tagline “Every great design begins with an even better design”, from creative writer, designer and maker, Lorinda Mamo.

Becoming a better designer, is funnily enough, not about designing, its about listening, seeing, learning, adapting and growing.